Dr. Aliki Nicolaides

Dominique has given me the gift

India Alessandra

There is a saying in Greek that medicine comes in three forms, love (agapi); friendship (filia), and tenderness (storgi). Dominique offers all three in her coaching and the care-full holding environment that she provided for me to do hard and deep work on bringing my voice onto paper. In our work together, over the past several months, I have learned from Dominique that writing is life giving and life affirming, a framing that I had lost in my race to publish as an academic.

Dominique has given me the gift of soul in writing, and to trust that the soul leads to writing that will be read and have impact. Her passion for holding me in the light of creative possibility as I struggled to bring my voice to paper has been life changing. I look forward to my book, an idea I did not have in my mind when I first began this coaching relationship and one that I will create because of it. Dominique is real, loving, and sharp as a sword though layers of ignorance.